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TAP WATER: Slow Metabolism Linked To Chemical | Environment

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TAP WATER: Slow Metabolism Linked To Chemical
TAP WATER: Slow Metabolism Linked To Chemical

What possibly links a tiny fish heartbeat to childhood obesity?

Two things: hand soap and a team of researchers at Central College.

The tiny zebrafish’s heartbeat can decrease if hand soap disinfectant ingredient, triclosan is found in the water it lives in. It’s easy to tell, their bodies are transparent.

Ellen Du Pre, professor of biology at Central College, is working with four students, as well as biology colleague Nicole Palenske to study if this decrease in heart rate is linked with a low metabolism.

Triclosan is commonly found in drinking and surface water and that worreis Du Pre, “It does make me nervous,” she says. “I don’t think people realize all the chemicals we are being exposed to. I don’t think our bodies are prepared to deal with them all.”

The research is being recognized by the National Council on Undergraduate Research for presentation at the 2013 conference at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in April.

“This is very exciting.  The work of these Central College students has been recognized for its unique contribution to this field of study.”  

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